Barnett High Efficiency Clutch Cables - 87 & Up FXR

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Barnett High Efficiency Clutch Cables - 87 & Up FXR

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Barnett cables are smooth-working, long-lasting and are made with the finest components available, making them virtually indestructible

  • ALL Barnett Clutch Cables for HD come in easy-pull high-efficiency design in standard diameters

  • High-efficiency clutch cables reduce lever effort by up to 40%

  • Classic black vinyl cables feature a black vinyl casing with chrome elbows and hardware

  • Made in the U.S.A.

When in Doubt, Measure it Out… Stock FXR Clutch Cables are 63 3/4” in total length (End of A to the End of B Pictured) … you can use this measurement and add accordingly to find out what cable length will fit you application best… this is what we use when doing OUR handlebar installs on customer bikes…

T Bar/Riser Fitment:

STOCK - Up to 12” Bar/ Rise

2 OVER - 14” Bar/Rise

4 OVER - 16” Bar/Rise

6 OVER - 18” Bar/Rise

8 OVER - 20” Bar/Rise

*** While we do our best to have these cables IN STOCK… anything over STOCK Length is a Custom Length Cable from Barnett… therefore it may take a few additional days for your order to ship, if that cable is not in our shop***

Cable Length:
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